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Book Vending Machine Success Story | A Waynesboro Middle School Gets Help From Inchy


Kate Collins Middle School in Waynesboro, VA has recently installed their very own book vending machine! This special machine sets out to dispense knowledge, rather than snacks or sodas, to eager students.

Students LOVE getting free books!

Inchy’s book vending machine delivers free books to students in exchange for tokens. Students earn these tokens by receiving tickets for good behavior and redeeming those for a prize, such as the tokens!

Book fairs are always a a popular day at school, and Inchy’s book vending machine is like having one every day. Even better, the books are completely free for the kids! The fun doesn’t stop there either, because the students get to keep the books too. That’s right, rather than having one day to decide and purchase a book, students now have all year to get as many free books as their good behavior gets them tickets.

How was this book vending machine funded?

This middle school funded their vending machine and received books through Donor’s Choose, the Sonic Drive-in, The Charitable Grant and The Dollar General Foundation. Keeping the machine filled with books will require further donations and/or grants, but Kate Collins Middle School librarian Karen Sellers is hopeful that the machine will be filled with knowledge for years to come.

Since its installation, more than 50 students have received free books from Inchy’s machine in Waynesboro!

Follow Inchy's progress!

You can follow Inchy’s progress across the country with us! Stay up to date with our blog for Inchy’s book vending machine progress and “Like” our Facebook page for more.

Inchy’s book vending machine is able to be wrapped in just about any design too, meaning it’s highly customizable. Want to have a design that’s made by your students? We can do that! Something unique about your school or town? That’s possible too! You can see some designs for inspiration here.

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