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Arkansas School Receives First Book Vending Machine


Arkansas School Receives First Book Vending Machine

Students at England Elementary School in Little Rock, Arkansas are thrilled to see their good behavior being rewarded with a brand new book vending machine. Every employee in the school is provided with a gold coin each week that grants access to a new book. The faculty have been directed to reward students who display helping a fellow student, being kind, showing courage, or other positive behaviors.

Teachers have used various reward systems for decades. It’s an ongoing challenge for teachers to keep up with students who are changing year by year. For some reason, regardless of the graphics of video games or kids’ ability to use an Ipad from the day they’re born, vending machines continue to fascinate children!

School administration at England Elementary saw something about one of our Inchy the Bookworm Book Vending machine’s on a Facebook post about a year ago. They’d seen one made in China before, but never in the United States. They saw the first one in Buffalo NY, and were instantly attached to the idea.

Principal Tammy Bennett was determined to bring one of our machines to her school. The school utilized fundraising, done by the students, to purchase the machine, along with using grants to supply the books. We can help anyone with any questions regarding this process.

Some schools really want to increase their reading habits. Some actually want more from the reward aspect. Either way, the machine has been a glaringly positive addition to each of the schools that we’ve worked with. If you have any questions about fundraising, costs, or how we can ship the machine to you, just give us a call! We’re more than willing to answer any questions you may have.