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4 Ways to Win With Combo Vending Machines

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Looking at used vending machines for sale, you have to make some decisions. Are you ready to target soda and/or coffee drinkers or do you want to reach a larger audience? Fortunately, you have options when you start with a combo machine that offers soda as well as snacks and candy. If combo vending machines interest you, here are four ways to make them work as a business.


Find a Winning Location

As with real estate, vending machines are all about location. You can offer quality products in a used vending machine and find considerable success when you have the right customers passing by your machines every day. Combo machines are good for locations / businesses with up to 75 people maximum due to the machine holds only 1/3 in total of separate units. From which separate full size machines are recommended.

Keep up With Changing Tastes

While there are some classics that never go out of style (e.g., Coke and Pepsi), tastes in drinks and snacks change faster than they did in the past. Capitalize on shifting preferences when you start operating a vending machine. Buying a vending machine is only the beginning of a project. It takes some homework to succeed.

Replenish Stock Quickly

Keeping track of sales is important; especially, when you start a business. Have your eye on which sodas and snack food selections are moving faster than others so you can replenish the empty spots as soon as necessary. The most popular items might change according to the weather and other factors in your area.

Take Advantage of Lighter Combo Machines

When surveying the used vending machines for sale , note the weight of each type of machine we offer. Soda machines weigh close to 700 lbs., while combo vending machines usually do not exceed 500 lbs. Since they are lighter and therefore easier to move, combo vending machines make sense if you plan on trying out different locations for a business. Global Vending Group offers high-quality used and new vending machines for sale . For more information or inquiries please contact us at 800-592-4220 or visit Let us walk you through the process to begin selling today.