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Food For Thought | Book Vending Machine Encourages Students To Read      

Adkison Elementary School, located in Ceres, California is giving a whole new meaning to the phrase “food for thought.” When students drop by their newest vending machine, it’s because they’re craving knowledge rather than nutrition. That’s right, they’re one of the latest schools to bring in one of Global Vending Group’s awesome Book Vending Machines!

California Elementary School Gets Book Vending Machine

Interestingly enough, it was a previous customer that tipped Adkison off about our machine. A teacher saw a Facebook post about another one of our book vending machines in California and decided to share it with administration. A short time later, the students of Adkison Elementary were able to start enjoying the machine.

One of the reasons the school didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger on our book machine is because it fit so well with their “spark the fire” initiative. The goal is to get kids to choose to read rather than being told to. And with students getting to pick and keep the books they want, reading turns into a hobby instead of a chore. The hope is that the book vending machine will help kids learn to love reading at an early age.

Reading The Gator Way

Adkison is also using our book machine to reinforce positive student behavior. Since these vending machines only take our custom gold coins, students will have to earn their books by “following the Gator Way.” This means showing good character traits, working hard and being helpful to classmates.

“We do have a kindness focus at our site as well,” said Adkison principle Stephanie Pimentel, “so we’re really looking for students going out of their way to be extra kind, to just really be, you know, of good character.”

Adkison’s administration opted to cloak their book vending machine in a customized wrap to show school spirit as well. As you can see, the graphic features a fun depiction of their mascot reading on a large stack of books. Additionally, they were able to include the slogan for their “spark the fire” reading initiative. Any student who walks by will be reminded that “Gator Readers = Tomorrow’s Leaders.”

It’s always encouraging to see our book vending machines get kids excited about reading. If you’d like to hear similar stories about how schools all over the country have used our bookworm vending machines, check out our book vending blog. Don’t hesitate to call us today for more information or to purchase your own custom book vending machines!

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