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Jofemar G-546 Coffee Vending Machine

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309.00 LBS

Product Description


- Up to 500 services for this business coffee machine.
- 20 selection buttons and 5 levels of sugar for each button on this business coffee machine.
- 5 canisters for instant products, a canister for sugar and a canister for coffee beans for this business coffee machine.

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Jofemar G-546 Coffee Machine

Dimensions    72"    23.60"    22"
Weight    309 lbs
Logic   MDB Protocol
Power Standard 110 VAC 12AMPS
   Coffee Selections
Selections 20 Selections 
Columns N/A

Up to 500 Services

- Coffee beans: 3570 gr
- Powdered Milk: 2450 gr
- Chocolate: 2000 gr
- Sugar: 3400 gr
- Instant coffee: 700 gr
- Tea and herbal Drinks: 1500 gr
- Pressurised boiler: 370 ml.
- Lightened Panel of: 329 x 273 mm
- Graphic display for pictures and text of 92 x 53 mm.
- Two different cup-dispensing models depending on cup diameter: 65 to 67mm. and 67 to 69mm.
- Stir-stick dispenser can be adjusted for lengths between 75mm. and 115mm.
- Self-cleaning mixing circuit, product delivery and grinding assembly: Manual or automatic (programmable) on this business coffee machine.
- Steam-proof sugar addition straight into the cup.
- Constant boiler water temperature control.
- Pressure valve for a constant pressure on the entire brewing cycle.
- Boiler built in aluminium whit the electrical resistance and the sensors encapsulated, without contact with the water and avoiding “O” rings.
- Water distribution by motorized system, without electrorovalves. - Rede hídrica: ¼” : Minimun-Maximun: 05-10 bar.
- Power Supply: 190/240V, 50Hz (Optional 110V).
- Max. Power: 1.100 watts.


- Business Coffee Machine Dimensions: 1830 x 600 x 561 mm
- Business Coffee Machine Weight: 140Kg


- Steel with rust-proof treatment and vandal-proof lock with crowbar-resistant door integrated into the cabinet on this easy to use coffee machine.
- Security lock with 3 locking points on this easy to use coffee machine
- Cash box of high capacity and with the optional accessories of self-locking when removed from the base of this easy to use coffee machine.
- Back access and front access to all electronic components on this easy to use coffee machine.


- Vending protocols MDB or Executive.
- Change giver with 5 tubes for more flexible change combination on this easy to use coffee machine.
- Advanced coin validator with the most reliable systems to detect frauds and fake coins on this easy to use coffee machine.


- On site programming facilities within built modules on this easy to use coffee machine.
- Cloning machine options with handheld device.
- Remote programming, data extraction, out of product alarm on real time, and more options using Jofemar telemetry software "Vending Track" on this easy to use coffee machine
- Data retrieval for audits and statistics on this business coffee machine.
- RS232 data output
- Doses adjusting possibity on the same machine.
- Graphic software for PC computer allows to read, create and modify easily doses on this business coffee machine.
- Quantification possibility to set doses on actual grams.


- Bill Validator BT10
- Cashless payment system J130
- Modem interface for telemetry management.
- Online working mode with full control of sales and users.
- Water self-feeding kit (One or two 25-litre tanks).
- Water filters: water softener or flavor filter.
- One satellite vending unit Vision E-S or Vision E-S Plus.


Optional Built-in fillable pressurized 5 gallon water tank


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