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What Are the Advantages of Used Vending Machines?


If you are browsing through vending machines for sale, you have probably come across several used models as well as pricier new machines. Is the lower price worth the tradeoff in machine quality and service? Here are the advantages and some potential drawbacks to choosing a used vending machine.

Lower Risk

The obvious advantage of choosing a used machine is the lower cost. Without investing so much in a machine, you have room to experiment and learn the business. In that respect, a used machine makes the most sense for someone who is starting out. While you figure out which products work best in different locations, you can keep your upfront costs low.

Better Research

When you buy a used vending machine, you will often have a chance to get statistics from the previous owner. This market research will help you when you are planning your own business. For example, if the machine was selling more of a certain product and you are targeting the same neighborhood, you can use these tips to start your business on the right foot.

Maintaining Control of Your Business

If you need to get a partner in order to afford a new vending machine, you are surrendering control of your business before you even get started. Instead of looking for the shiniest machine to attract customers, think of locations where new machines will not be necessary in order to sell. This extra bit of research will pay off when your business expands and you remain the sole proprietor.

Areas of Concern

While location and product selection are crucial as you begin your vending business, you have to start with a quality vending machine. Make sure you research the seller to make sure they have a track record in the business like Global Vending Group. Without this level of trust, you are taking chances with a used machine.

When you need a quality machine to launch your business, trust Global Vending Group to deliver. For more information or inquiries contact Global Vending Group at 800.592.4220 or visit