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Tips for Starting a Vending Machine Business

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From an outsider’s perspective, running a vending machine business looks pretty straightforward: buy a new vending machine, stick it in a corner somewhere, and kick back while the riches come rolling in. The longtime vending machine operators know the real truth. Turning a vending machine business into a successful source of primary or secondary income takes years of hard work and lots of research. If you’re thinking about starting a vending machine business, here are some simple tips to keep in mind:

Patience Matters
Most successful vending machine operators have dozens of vending machines in action in traffic producing locations and many use vending as a supplementary form of income rather than a primary revenue generator. Patience is a virtue; with successful placements and a network of strong contacts your investment will pay off.

Cleanliness Counts
Location is one of the most important elements of building a strong vending network. However, regular cleaning and maintenance of your machines is also critical. People are more likely to use a clean, new vending machine since it takes the worry out about technical mishaps and/or not providing a product. Put in the effort to keep your machines clean and you’ll see stronger performance.

Competition is Fierce
Placing a vending machine in a school or office is an excellent way to make money, but competing vending machine operators pay close attention to new construction and business plans. If you want to land a lucrative location, you need to make arrangements months ahead of time to beat your competition to the punch. You must work proactively to find the best locations before anyone else.

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