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Rolling Into Iredell | ICPYC Adds Inchy’s Book Machine


A North Carolina organization dedicated to increasing the learning and healthy development of children, the Iredell County Partnership for Young Children has added some help from Inchy the Bookworm! They’ve got their own Inchy Book Vending Machine sitting proudly in the lobby, filled to the brim with books for kids.

Children visiting the office from birth to five years old get a special golden inchy token to put into the machine that allows them to select a free book they get to keep. That’s right, the book is FREE and they get to keep it! That won’t be the only way kids can receive books either, coins are available through sponsored programs and other community partners.

Literacy is extremely important to the development of kids, as it starts early in life and is closely linked to school achievements. Instilling the love of reading is also critical to making sure that kids have the tools for success throughout life, as reading opens up numerous doors.

In this area of North Carolina, many families live in what’s known as a book desert, geographic locations in which reading materials and literacy programs may be hard to obtain. Says Peyton Burrows, “Inchy’s Bookworm Vending Machine is just one more opportunity to get free books in the hands of our youngest children.” Books written in both English and Spanish will be available.

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While you’re here, you can see more details about the potential for customized wraps for your machine! Check them out here. The short version is - our vending machines are able to be wrapped in just about any way you want.

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