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Reading Through the Pandemic With Inchy


Literacy effects of the Pandemic

The pandemic has forced everyone to redesign their lives, and for parents and young students, this has become a difficult task to undertake. With much of the country’s students learning their class material from home under the supervision of their parents, there has been a noticeable change in literacy progress for young students. Without the structured days of attending school physically, some children and parents are struggling to keep up with reading and course material. Supplemental reading is something that should be added to all students’ routines within their studies this year.

Room for Improvement

A large part of the literacy problem has a common thread of lack of access to quality reading materials. According to the RX Reading Organization, “simple access to books is one of the biggest obstacles—and perhaps the biggest opportunity—in equalizing children’s literacy. The number of books in a child’s home has been shown to be the best predictor of his or her scores on reading exams.” With the PBIS rewards program, students can earn tokens to purchase books of their choosing to build their own library at home. 

Bring on the Books

Having access to books within communities is crucial to the growth of students. The Inchy the Bookworm Book vending machine has been placed in hundreds of schools across the country—helping students all over become more proficient in reading and excel in other areas of school and their lives. Just recently there was a ribbon cutting ceremony for the Unionville Elementary School’s new Inchy the Bookworm book vending machine in Fredericksburg Virginia.

Provide Excitement through Reading

A child’s sense of independence is reinforced when they get to make a choice in what they would like to read, as opposed to the assignments they complete in their daily schoolwork. Having an Inchy the Bookworm vending machine in your school will provide excitement for students and change the sometimes-daunting task of encouraging a child to read, into a coveted prize. With an Inchy each student will have the opportunity to dive into a new adventure in a book, all the while increasing their vocabulary, sparking their imagination, and learning about the world they live in.

Get an Inchy into Your School

Having an Inchy in your school will change the way the students view literature. When children are given a reward that they can choose, that reward becomes more than just a book, it is something that they earned, and will enjoy more freely.Contact your local PTO or PTA group to come up with a plan to raise funds to get this safe, accessible, jump-start to literacy in your school. Your local PTO/PTA can crowd-source the funds securely through sites like Donorschoose or GoFundMe. These options allow donations small and large to be used to bring an Inchy the Bookworm Book Vending Machine into your school. If you have any questions, give us a call, or leave your information here, and we will call you!