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Keeping Your Vending Machines Safe


As we’ve noted in the past, building a vending machine empire is about more that finding a couple of used vending machines for sale and plunking them down on the nearest corner. It takes research, dedication, hard work, and patience to turn vending machines into a real business with real income. And one constant threat to this income is theft.

People steal from vending machines in a number of ways. Sometimes they steal products from the machine. Sometimes they break the machine and empty it out. In more rare cases, thieves will compromise the payment system and take the vending machine’s money in addition to or instead of its products. Understanding how to protect your machines is an important step in ensuring the success of your business.

Vet Locations Carefully Your vending machine location should be well-trafficked and well-lit. It should also provide plenty of safety for the people who use your machines. Many of the qualities that make for a profitable location also make for a safe one; don’t be afraid to delay adding that next machine to your network instead of placing it in the first location you find. Wait for quality, safe locations to open.

Invest in Good MachinesDon’t just by the cheapest used vending machine for sale you find. Instead, invest in quality, modern machines with strong safety features. New technology yields new safety standards that are harder to crack and more reliable. The better your machines, the safer your income.

Check Your MachinesDon’t just swing by the machine location when it’s time for a refill. You should be checking your machines frequently to ensure they’re still operating correctly and that no one has attempted to tamper with them. A thief that fails one night might return another; spotting these things early can help prevent losses.

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