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Deciding Between Snack Machines and Drink Machines

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When you survey available vending machines for sale , you should know what type of customer you will serve in the selected location. Research will help determine whether drink machines (beverages) or snack machines (foods) will be your focus. Here are things to consider when deciding between these two types of vending machines.

Snack Machines
Perhaps you have decided that a snack machine would be the best move for the location you have in mind. If so, there are some considerations to make. The first decision is what type of snacks to include. Ask yourself about the demographic in the neighborhood and specific location to determine an approach that will work.

Another thing to remember is that snacks have expiration dates. Even candy that might seem capable of lasting forever may have ingredients that perish. Packaged cakes, chips and other foods you might consider will perish sooner. Global Vending Group can guide you if you have trouble selecting a product lineup when browsing our vending machines for sale.

Soda Machines
Entrepreneurs starting out in the vending machine business often decide to go with soda machines as an initial venture. It’s clear why people gravitate toward soda machines: they are easy to stock, have fewer product choices and make an easy sell to customers in a variety of locations. Furthermore, soda doesn’t go bad like food, so you can usually forget about expiration dates.

Since soda machines are such an easy sell, you will find them popping up in many different locations. One difficulty is deciding where the market is not entirely saturated. Even when you have a solid business plan in place, competing machines can spring up and take away some of your sales. As with any other type of vending machines for sale, knowing the market you enter is the key.

Whether you see snack machines or soda machines (or a combination of both) as your entry move, Global Vending Group can help guide you in launching your vending business. Please contact us at 800-592-4220 or visit for more information.