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A New Inchy in Grand Island Nebraska


Inchy Makes Headlines

As we press on through the pandemic, literacy still holds a strong place in the education that our communities depend on. At Engleman Elementary school in Grand Island, Nebraska, a new Inchy the Bookworm Book Vending machine catches the headlines of the Grand Island newspaper, The Independent.

Preparing for the Reading Wave

Eager and excited to roll out the book vending machine, Principal Carrie Kolar stocked up on tokens so the 473 elementary school students could earn, with good behavior and completed assignments, the privilege to have a book of their very own to start their home libraries.

Great Timing

PTO Co-President Natalie Lukens, commented on the excitement of getting Inchy into the school, “The timing was actually pretty interesting. It was set to end the day before spring break started, so this was the last collaborative measure that the school had before we switched over to e-learning.” Getting the vending machine in at that time proved to play an essential role in literacy at Engleman Elementary.

Reading to Fund

Engleman Elementary raised the funds to purchase Inchy the book vending machine with a “Read-A-Thon” they hosted last spring. The students clocked a total of 124,212 reading minutes and with that, raised $15,523 to go towards their literacy program, which included the book vending machine. The organization from the Parent Teacher Organization is not unlike many other stories we hear at Global Vending Group. Where there is a will, there is a way to get books into the hands of eager students.

Knowledge is Power

The students at Engleman Elementary have begun to immerse themselves into the worlds of literature and do not seem to be looking back. Zachary, a second-grade student said of the new addition to the school, “It is really cool that is has lots of books. I like that it gives me more knowledge on every page. I can read a book and it gives me the knowledge.”

Photo- Independent/Josh Salmon

Get an Inchy into Your School!

If your school district is interested in being equipped with an Inchy the Bookworm Book vending machine, there are many ways to raise the funding. As Engleman Elementary shows, your school can do a “Read-A-Thon” to raise the funds, and while doing so, show that there are rewards to reading. Funding can also be made available through organizations like Donors Choose and GoFundMe. Talk to your PTO/PTA today about organizing a way to bring books into the hands of every student in your school. To know more about Inchy, and the progress Inchy has made all over the country, give us a call or leave your information here, and we will contact you.