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Books Are Making A Comeback in Schools Thanks to Inchy the Book Vending Machine

Times are tough right now for just about everyone. The pandemic has provided everyone with a certain sense of priority, and for families, education is at the top for their children. With limited resources in technology for school districts and families, books are making a grand comeback in the lives of children and adults alike. With sports finally coming back on our screens, and new entertainment at a standstill, there has been a renaissance of readers worldwide embracing the nostalgia and feeling of picking up a new book.

Books Engage Young Readers’ Imagination and Independence

A new book for a child can be an endless source of learning and joy. Instead of a charger, they can choose or create their own favorite bookmark. As opposed to completing a video game level, they have the satisfaction of diving into a new world, and by reading a chapter, they can physically see how far they have come by simply closing their bookmark in place.

Reading is a process that engages all parts of a child’s brain. They use their vision to read things brand new. Kids use their reasoning and speech to comprehend an adventure while engaging their imagination and putting themselves right into the adventure. Literacy provides a child with a sense of independence and reinforces their integrity to drive forward.

Are Books More Popular Than eBooks?

Despite the rise in eBooks and reading books and other materials on screens, a Pew Research poll finds that 65% of Americans prefer reading physical books versus a 28% readership on eBooks or books read by computers or smartphones. Whatever the perception may be, the reality is that books are here to stay and prove to be preferable to the masses, including young readers.

Why Have Inchy The Bookworm In Your School?

A child’s sense of independence is reinforced when they get to make a choice in what they would like to read, as opposed to the assignments they complete in their daily schoolwork. Having an Inchy the Bookworm vending machine in your school will provide excitement for students and change the sometimes-daunting task of encouraging a child to read, into a coveted prize. This has been shown recently in the Dorr Elementary School in Michigan. Principal Robin Seniura said,

"I just want them to take away that they've done something remarkable…Reading as a lifelong skill. And if they have owned a book -- that ownership of a book is so important, and just to feel pride in what they've done."

The Gold Coin program that school districts use to entice children to read has been effective in gaining the interests of students to make their own choices in reading and literacy. The Gold Coin reward incentivizes students to create an environment focused on grade improvements, acts of kindness, and overall good behavior.

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Need Help Getting Inchy into Your School?

Contact your local PTO or PTA group to come up with a plan to raise funds to get this safe, accessible, jump-start to literacy in your school. Your local PTO/PTA can crowd-source the funds securely through sites like Donorschoose or GoFundMe. These options allow donations small and large to be used to bring an Inchy the Bookworm Book Vending Machine into your school.

Grants are also widely available through numerous online sources like Educators of AmericaNEA Foundation Grants for Educators, and Kajeet 123 Grants.

Though times may be tough for parents, teachers, and districts, there is help out there to keep the next generation engaged in betterment through literacy. With Inchy The Bookworm Book Vending Machine, each child has the freedom to read and become inspired to begin a lifelong habit of learning and curiosity. 

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