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​4 Reasons You Need an Inventory Management Vending Machine


4 Reasons You Need an Inventory Management Vending Machine

Did you know that Global Vending Group offers inventory management vending machines? Did you know that inventory management machines were a thing? Over the years these machines have become more and more commonplace amongst larger companies in various industries. Many times you’ll see these machines replace an IT storage locker, or provide tools and resources for industrial factories and companies. Essentially you’re able to provide your workers with the tools they need, while skipping steps that can slow down workflow. Here are 5 reasons why inventory management vending machines can help your company.

Manage Inventory

These vending machines automate the process of providing items and equipment to your employees. It is able to tie into Inventory managment systems that will track everything that is moving in or out of the machines. You won’t experience shortage, and everything operates smoothly.

Reduce Costs

Inventory tracking vending machines prevent and limit access to dispensable items, allowing your company to regulate how much of specific items are allowed to leave the machine. The vending machines also track everything to a T, eliminating the need to overstock, being out of stock, or giving any excuse to that worker full of excuses!

Eliminate Theft

Let’s say the item being used is something like a keyboard. In the past, someone could probably cheat the system and end up saying their keyboard wasn’t working and taking a new one out, when really they just took the old one home. By implementing an inventory managment machine, you can hold specific employees accountable for anything and everything they take out.

Eliminate Shortage

You’ll have a record of every single item, when it came out, to who it went, and how long it was out for. Everything is tracked and the machine will keep track of how much of each item is being used, enabling you full visibility to your equipment levels. Industrial vending machines ensure that the items needed are always available, and your employees can always do their work.

Check out our inventory management vending machine page to take a look at the models that we offer, or just give us a call if you have any questions!