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5 Vending Machines That Offer Great Business Opportunities

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When surveying the different vending machines for sale, you will find options in many product types and markets. In every case, you will want to research the foot traffic and potential in a location as well as consider new machines versus used models. Here are five vending machine types that offer solid business opportunities.

Soda Machines
There are several advantages involved with operating a soda machine: everyone knows the products, expenses are low and there are quality locations available in every zip code. Offering healthy options as well as traditional soft drinks is a good idea when going into this business opportunity.

Snack Machines
Employees on the job typically have access to water, coffee and other basic drinks in the office. Snacks, on the other hand, are not something businesses budget for employees and building visitors. This void represents an opening if you are considering snack vending machines for sale. Common spaces on floors with multiple small businesses are good spots for machines.

Coffee Machines
Coffee consumption continues to be widespread across the country, especially in colder climates where the fall, winter and spring months feature cool weather for most of the day. These machines represent a solid business opportunity anywhere professionals spend idle time during the day, such as parking lots, rental car agencies, airports and bus stations.

Cold Food Machines
Hotels and motels provide an opportunity if you are interested in trying cold food vending machines as a new venture. Everything from donuts, Danish, protein bars and granola offers options to consumers who don’t want a meal but want a snack at the push of a button.

Combo Machines
If you see an opportunity to give consumers numerous options in a single machine, there are combo vending machines for sale that fit the bill. Drinks, cold food and other snacks can fit into one machine. A high level of success with combo machines suggests the need for separate machines – one soda machine and one snack machine. Combo machines offer a good way to test a location.

Becoming a vending machine owner is a great way to make money as a side business or build toward something bigger. Consider each of these five options when getting started and for more information about vending machines for sale please visit or contact us at (800) 592.4220.