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Vending Machine Warranty

Warranty on Refurbished Vending Machines


Global Vending Group stands behind all its refurbished vending machines. We believe that you should have a great vending experience and all your machines are completely inspected from the vending mechanisms, currency mechanisms, to the overall appearance of the machine. That is why Global Vending Group offers a 4 month parts warranty on all our refurbished machines. This warranty will cover any ordinary malfunction to the parts of your vending machine. This warranty will cover the cost of the replacement of the part that has been assessed as not working or functioning properly.

Criteria for malfunctioning part:

  1. Part has been assessed by one of our service technicians by calling our Service department at 1-800-592-4220 ext 102.
  2. Part has been used under normal working conditions.
  3. We strongly express that you refer to the manual that has been provided with each machine on proper working conditions. Vending machines can be temperamental but are very residual on the other side of the coin. Please read over your manual thoroughly. These manuals cover many topics from loading the machine to the proper programming and the refrigeration units if applicable to your machine.

  4. Part has been not altered or changed in any fashion
  5. Part has not been damaged by vandalism or theft.

Global Vending Group loves to have happy customers and we understand that you want a great machine. We stand behind any product that we sell and we believe that your vending machine and your money are worth investing in. So our 4 month Parts warranty will cover your expenses of the cost of a replacement part for your machine.

This warranty as mentioned before covers the cost of a replacement part. The replacement part that we provide for your machine is typically a remanufactured part that has been assessed to be of working order. These parts are usually shipped out to you under normal shipping conditions via UPS or federal express. We ask for the replacement part to be shipped back to us prior to shipment of the part. This does ensure that the right part is going back to you. If you want to have your part expressed shipped to you, the extra cost of the express shipment will be covered by the customer.

This warranty does not cover the cost of installation of the replacement part nor does it cover any service technician that would have to be used to assess any problems with your vending machine. We offer you a 4 month part only warranty and that is what covered are the parts. We are here to help you and if you have any questions about this warranty please feel free to call us at 1-800-592-4220.

Global Vending Group thanks you for your business.

COKE MACHINES - New and Used Coke Vending Machines

Dixie Narco Coke Machine

This is a beautiful Coke Machine built on the Dixie Narco 501E which are known for their dependability. Our refurbished Dixie Narco Coke Machines are thoroughly tested. Call us for info on this great machine.


Royal 650 Coke Machine

This is Coke Machine from Royal can be New or Refurbished. It has solid performance, durability, and at a great price. Call now for our current special on this machine.


SODA MACHINES - New and Used Soda Vending Machines

Vendo 511 Soda Machine

Vendo Vending Machines are famous for their dependability and our Refurbished Vendo 511 Soda Machines are just "Like New". Please Call Now for our current special on this great machine.


Dixie Narco 501E Soda Machine

This is a Pepsi Soda Machine from Dixie Narco. New or refurbished it has solid performance, durability at a great price. Call now for our current special on this machine.


SNACK MACHINES - New and Used Snack Vending Machines

Rowe 4900 Snack Machine

The Rowe 4900 is a great snack machine. Completely refurbished you will appreciate the solid performance, durability, and excellent pricing. Call now for our current special on this machine!


Automated Products AP6600 Snack Machine

New or refurbished you will love the solid performance, durability and excellent price of this AP6600. Call now for our current special on this machine.


COMBO MACHINES - New and Used Combo Vending Machines

GV730 Combo Machine

This GV730 Combo Machine is completely refurbished and looks great. Perfect for vending both snacks and drinks. Call now for our current special on this machine.


Fortune 96 Combo Machine

This Refurbished Fortune 96 combo is a fantastic machine. It is refurbished to a like new state and is a great value for the money. Please call us now for our current special on this machine.


PEPSI MACHINES - New and Used Pepsi Vending Machines

Royal 768 Pepsi Machine

This Refurbished Royal RVMCE768 Pepsi Machine is a great buy, featuring excellent quality and dependability all at a fantastic price. Call now for our current special on this machine!


Pepsi Vending Machines

16oz bottle and 12oz can Pepsi Machines refurbished "LIKE NEW". Customers will find it difficult to resist a cold refreshing Pepsi from these machines. Call now for special pricing on all our Pepsi machines!


COFFEE MACHINES - New and Used Coffee Vending Machines

Saeco Cristallo 400 Coffee Machine

This New Saeco Coffee Machine can be yours with our excellent pricing and service. Call now for our current special on this machine!


AutomatedProducts AP213 Coffee Machine

Customers love getting their coffee from this refurbished AP213 Coffee Machine. A great performer and excellent pricing. Please call now for our current special



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